Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rack Em Willy Meets Ol' Greg

BaRack Em Rack Oboma

The Prez of the USA

Lost footage of MTV Cribs

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A post-season fantasy flow

First on the choppin' block I'm starting with Mickey, Big Ben's dick in his mouth and he givin Bettis a hickey. Funny yo team name is The Count, one hand can tell yo 2008 sex amount.
Movin down the line Nick your up now, where you come from you worship the cow. Unstrap your bomb and turn in Osama, here's yo next mission assassinate Obama. Stay out the gym and stop with the roids, bald spots be leavin hairless voids.
Let me stick with the bald guys A-T About Face!, thank God you made it in the league or I'd be last place. This is a belated birthday wish sorry it's late, it's Christmas dance time is Carissa your date?
I'll move to the guys with some hair, I'll start with the most queer. Schmee how are you still with Jenn, your closet must be locked and you filled it with men. Metro my ass you a full blown homo, you jealous of Simpson now that she blowin Romo.
Marty, Craig, Monte whatever your name be is, one more vagina for life your wifey Liz. First one to make the big plunge, white tees and tattered jeans yo style is grunge.
Elliott your next down the aisle, can't see Flav in the dark tell her to smile. How do you stay so pasty in the Sunshine State, gone fishin using green card bait.
Stayin in the Dirty Souff home of the Braves, Dis down there you the black mans slave. Uncle Vinny call he wants his third chin back, by the way when you last see yo ball sack? Extra cheese count the pepperoni, the rest of were stallions you just a pony.
On the topic of big boys Lotus step to the plate, never missed a meal not even late. Yo semen must be potent like Kryptonite, XXL too small be fittin skin tight. Did you end with Amy bc you cant see, always got gook eyes from too much tree.
The next one up will throw 5 on the blunt, Commish Spis with a dick so small you can only bunt. Always had gum cuz Hafield had a nasty vagine, can't remember those days from too much green
Last but not least BG take the mic out yo butt, Purple Pride ooze down your back from bein the team slut. Moved back from the Big Apple back to the Ville, the teams semen on your chin look like an oil spill.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Everybody needs to come to Texas. Dave, Lowe, and AT are coming in March, who else?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

This Shit Is Getting Way To Complicated For Me

Click on this link to hear some audio clips of our Prez.  Click here --> HERE

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Who is going to Texas? Who would like to go to Texas but at a later date? Who wants to sit on my lap? Who likes it when I talk dirty? Who likes foreskin? Who can fit 7 dicks in their mouth?

Jizzed in my pants

Bo Yo

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009


Thursday, February 5, 2009

schmitty, you have crossed the line, ill spit better lines than your nursery rhymes. Don't be kind cause it is now my time. Waddle Waddle, someone please fondle, I'm gay but I'm ok, up Jen's ass where I stay, let's go play, with a dick, I hate pussy, but I eat it cause i need it, to play hooky. Play hooky, your really queer, it's just a lie like ythrowback coslett drinkin beer. Pour it out, down the sink, you'd rather suck dick, than eat pink, I heard it stinks, won't say names, put my dick in your sister and she came. So I'll explain, yes I'm fat, but I like cutty buddy, won't test roast beef like Matt...Atherton, I'm latherin a horses dick to fathom in. I'm chatterin, in yo ear, the king don dodda is here. From ATL, oppisite of the bay, where the girls are hood, not where the guys are gay. Come here and stay, once white now a true nigga, this sun got to my head, bout to pull the trigga, splurge on this ho, porno's over time to go.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Superbowl Porn Interruption in Arizona

Christian Bale goes APE SHIT

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Only The Bling Bling

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7 year old all fucked up!

Is That What You Had Said?


Lyricist Rhyme Show

Can't hit it on paper like a freelance spitta, i light you up time and time like a one hitter text on da shitter leave a taste in yo mouf thats bitter. Lube up da lips once twice trips, ski, my rhymes bother you like flees cut through your rhymes like cheese lock it up kids and throw away da Keys...Alicia next ten years be using propecia. My style be off da hook got all the game like a crook which I take not took wheaties in my breakfast nook. Charming I know white boy in plaid witha flow, black regime, like a crow get you weight down before I Tow...Camel need some water too much spit wouldn't hesitate to fuck a daughter, and get pissed up and be in the Blotter. Satday night out in clothes of envy, educated and learned of econ NIMBY. Loose, 9 1/2 loafers new name call me Topher in my Range Rova. Cock blockin lawdick in the booster seat actin like an infant whe I drop a beat, no sex put it in da butt aint that da sheet. Penetrating the market, make friends first then pull up and park it. Sit on da daddy is ya ready to put me in yo mouf like spaghetti better shave look like a yetti chop that forest with a machetti. Teddy ruxpin taught me to spit, yo moms taught me to Hit...The spots use it son before it rots tent been up soo long it got cots Bitch it aint got lepracy those arent spots, pee on me, ski on me, and I'll make it rain on thee better hurry before I bone "V". Blacker than Darius Rucker this is prime real estate talk to Tucker. Banger-Ray Rufio with a lime and drink Sippin, want a toe touch and play just the Tip In. Napoleon first to set sail on dat ass, Bulox so loose gonna need a hall pass smoke trees not grass open up wide like a bass. Born again virgin Spis fuck Sturgin clothes shoppin and splurgin I'll cut you up like a surgeon. Schmee's anatomy need new batteries, DH likes chicken patties write on da fridge that Topher needs tatties. Like em big and supple wanna put it in a whole like Fred Couples. My driver gets close to the hole, story of my life livin like a troll, been dormant next bitch gonna pay a toll mommy shoppin at Kohls.

Hulk, A.K.A. Nick, can't score even with a free kick. 6th seed Mike yo chins called they all sound alike been there so long they can ride a bike, jewed up like a kyke. No Elliott not you, calm down Mr. Rod Carew soon enough Flav will make you wear FUBU. Brandon, your dick called and said he was abandoned and one day you'll grow up and hook up with a random. A.T. got it right hooked up with Carissa every night, hot dog in a hallway, you wish she was tight now he got a vinearl , Lowe puts his own breast milk in his cereal. Addicted to kids got more gangsta hats than lids. Dis share the wealth, What are you secrets to good Health? Nick poppin pills playing old high school reels...errors... ya feels. Haliban sportin a Jihad tan, Calista be your #1 fan she like Thomas da train I Can I Can. Spis got a jersey for every ounce he's smoked dated a jew and now he's broke. Marty got less game than Trinity see him out in a white tee like Habbe, no dress to class when he pees he needs a hall pass. Mickey I'd fuck your next to Kin got more game than Dedrick Finn, youd fuck more if you were in da Pen got bigger tits than Jen and I got more rhymes than Teddy ruxpin.

Hoffy where is Sha Que Que

Monday, February 2, 2009

Is It A Hammock?

Jamie and her mom where coming down Hwy 41 coming back from Indy... She looks over and tells her mom to pull over here. She climbs the fence and takes this picture. Damn I love my wife. (Make sure to click on the picture to see the big version...)


I Can't Have Sex With Your Personality

Boats 'N Hoes

Old Greg

This clip is what all of us in Evansville have been laughing about for the past month.