Tuesday, March 10, 2009


whats up sluts

Monday, March 2, 2009

This Weeks Poop Texts

Turds coming out brown wit some girth, my ass lookin like a nig givin birth. Droppin bombs in da bowl like hiroshima, my shits take shot yours sip zima.

Explosion lookin like soil erosion, stop hatin cuz ya mom got my seed germinatin, gonna poop in ya hand like saturday to peyton.

Lips ya texts dont rhyme n they silly, but ya must a learned phonics wit Tilley, i go live n spit out each line, ur still in da academy rappin to T9.

Force poo so i got time for a rhyme, polamalu droppin back into da dime, flying ape, wearin a terrible towel cape, deppe chargin kobe wit rape.

Wayne want featured in my t9, i said weezy deez 160 characterz be mine, schmitt thinking b mine like da valentine, wantin ingalls to share secrets from behind.

What da matter schmitt ya bubble vest no longer fits, what were once high school manboobs are now saggy tits, yo bodin racin downhill like pine derby kits.

Im dat nigga who aint scared to pull da flusha trigga, made of chrome, schmitt waddlin towards reese peices like ET phone home, this dump is burnin like rome.